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Japanese architecture, whether modern or traditional, emphasizes the balance and harmony between people and nature. That is also the unique feature that makes a mark for living spaces with the design sound of the land of the rising sun.

Inspiration to create a marine tourism metropolitan area with Japanese identity

Japan is made up of four large islands in the Pacific Ring of Fire and chooses a lifestyle that adapts to nature. This feature is reflected boldly in Japanese architecture. That is also the philosophy of living pure, simple, and in harmony with nature.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is inspired by the legend of the formation of Japan and is dedicated to creating a marine urban area with Japanese identity in Quy Nhon of Danh Khoi Group. The metropolitan locates on the Phuong Mai peninsula facing the sea, right in the Nhon Hoi economic zone, adjacent to famous tourist attractions such as Ky Co island, Eo Gio, Con Chim, Hon Seo … This is also one of the places. Welcome the earliest dawn on the central strip of land. The beautiful, pristine nature has made this land a world-famous tourist destination.

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The beautiful nature and rare terrain of Quy Nhon became the inspiration to create Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co

Suppose only Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is placed to the coastal city of Quy Nhon – a trading hub on the East-West economic corridor focusing on Nhon Hoi economic zone. In that case, the project will have an urbanization appearance in the bustling port city of Yokohama, Japan. The ideal natural conditions, economic development policy, and social infrastructure invested synchronously in Quy Nhon have made this land develop strongly with the arrival of a series of real estate businesses. And this is also the foundation to form a beach tourism urban project, which is very scarce in Quy Nhon.

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Japanese-style food street at Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area.

The famous Japanese Kume Design Asia designed the urban area, expressing every detail has the typical cultural quintessence of the Japanese people. It can be the symbols of Japan from the Torii gates welcoming the dawn, the lucky cat, the giant carp kite, the meditation garden, the tea ceremony space, etc., to the paths to experience the cultural characteristics of the country of Phu. Tang. The highlight of the urban area is the 7.4 ha green valley park with many attractions, entertainment activities, and festivals taking place all year round.

The trend of investing in coastal “staycation” apartments

Quy Nhon is considered a newly emerging tourist paradise. One of the most beautiful coastal areas in Central Vietnam has much room for development. Nhon Hoi’s economic zone is oriented to develop into a center of sea tourism, service, urban, industry, and seaport. A series of infrastructure projects connecting Nhon Hoi with Phu Cat Airport, promoting the East-West economic corridor with the Central Highlands provinces, materialize that goal.

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Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area with sea view.

Takahi Ocean Suite Ky Co is the first Japanese-style coastal urban area in Quy Nhon and rare long-term ownership of a beach apartment project. According to experts, the seafront location is highly favorable, the facilities are rich, and there is much potential for tourism rental. At the same time, the investor only needs 139 million VND for the first payment and many incentives. The other is the highlight of Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co.

Sapporo subdivision at Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co Urban Area launched the first 3 blocks in the second quarter of this year. Inspired by the famous snow city of Japan, the Sapporo subdivision offers a cold country experience from architectural design, utilities to living space. With new ideas, the project will be a hot spot for investors.





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