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The Japanese-style Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co beach tourism town has just been launched in Quy Nhon, promising to bring various rich emotional experiences and be an attraction of a modern coastal tourist city with Japanese style.

According to a survey by JLL Vietnam, real estate with living space in harmony with nature, separate but still located in an urban complex with full utilities, is a popular search trend of home buyers.

In addition to the fact that Vietnamese people love Japanese culture, projects with the style of the rising sun country are always warmly received. In the past few years, the real estate markets have been marked by projects with Japanese elements such as Sakura Beach Novaworld Ho Tram, The Origami – Vinhome Grand Park District 9, Mizuki Park Nam Long, Akira City… These projects show the strength of the real estate market’s representing Japanese culture and architecture attraction in Vietnam.

Takashi Ocean Suite Kỳ Co – đô thị du lịch biển phong cách Nhật bên vịnh thiên đường Quy Nhơn


Recently, Danh Khoi Group developed Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area – a new entertainment center with Japanese style on Quy Nhon Bay, designed by the famous Kume Design Asia unit from Japan. Crafted by Japanese designers who understand the local culture, Takashi Ocean Suite Co brings the essence of the modern city of Japan. The project includes 17 apartment blocks and a hotel block, 39 floors high, divided into 4 subdivisions, inspired by famous Japanese cities such as SapporoKyoto, osaka and tokyo with many architectural highlights such as the vast Torii gate, the most beautiful Japanese lantern street, the Koi fish kite, the most giant Lucky Cat statue…

The project has dedicated 7.4 ha for green valley development and cherry blossom-style entertainment facilities such as Sakura Hill, Torii gate road, Lake Kawaguchi, Ninja village, meditation garden, bamboo path, etc. grass hill, carp kite flying area, water music area, tea ceremony, shopping street, food court… In the second quarter of 2021, the project will launch the first 3 blocks of the Sapporo subdivision.

Long-term ownership of beach apartments – real estate with great potential for profit

Trong 2 năm trở lại đây, Quy Nhơn là thị trường có sức hút mạnh với nhà đầu tư

In the past 2 years, Quy Nhon has been a market with impressive solid attraction for investors

The market recognizes that surpassing Nha Trang and Da Nang, Quy Nhon is in the sights of investors in the past 2 years in tourism real estate. With a substantial tourism growth rate, Quy Nhon is proved to be a potentially lucrative market for resort real estate investors, especially beach apartments with long-term legal ownership. The goal is that by 2025, Quy Nhon can welcome over 6.6 million tourists, including 0.9 million international visitors. The average growth rate of visitors reached 6.35%; tourism revenue reached VND 13.500 billion, an average increase of 13.6%/year.

This will be an opportunity for investors who are sensitive to the trend and orientation of tourism development in this locality. Investors who soon own “hot” resort products will have many attractive and profitable opportunities from leasing, transferring, or making second-home.

Potential products with strategic locations are always on the list of ideal options for investment. Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co has a specific advantage when locating in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone with long-term owned Japanese-style Ocean Suite beach apartments.

Thiết kế đậm chất Nhật Bản của Takashi Ocean Suite Kỳ Co sẽ là điểm nhấn thu hút khách du lịch và nhà đầu tư

The Japanese design of Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co will be a highlight to attract tourists and investors

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is currently attracting the attention of many investors due to its scarce long-term legal ownership. This is the perfect solution to the lack of a “one destination, multi-experience” urban area” moreover, quenches the thirst for a stylish, well-planned metropolitan area in Quy Nhon.






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