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Ra mắt khu đô thị du lịch phong cách Nhật Takashi Ocean Suite Kỳ Co tại Quy NhơnDanh Khoi Group has just launched the first and only Japanese coastal resort Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co in Vietnam.
The project is expected to become the new entertainment center of Quy Nhon and “capture” the market with the long-term Ocean suite apartment product line with high rental potential.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co was created with great enthusiasm by Danh Khoi Group with the expectation of becoming a leading Japanese-style tourist, entertainment, and resort destination in Quy Nhon. The project is a strategic step of this Group in the journey of “Creating a prosperous community “, providing a multi-experience space and creating sustainable values for investors.

The project has a scale of 8.2 hectares, owns a prime location in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone right on Phuong Mai peninsula – where gathering many advantages in tourism development and investment in the transportation infrastructure system. This area is attracting many domestic and foreign investors, especially in the resort real estate sector.

The golden location of the project is considered worthy of investment because of its connection to many utilities, very convenient to move to the city center and Phu Cat airport. Moreover, the project also has a sea view and is located adjacent to famous tourist areas such as Ky Co – Eo Gio Island, Chim Island, Scar Island, Trung Luong beach…

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co has 17 apartment blocks and one hotel block, 39 floors high, divided into four subdivisions, inspired by famous Japanese cities such as Sapporo, Kyoto, Osaka and Tokyo.

With this project, Danh Khoi Group pays special attention to landscape architecture design, cooperating with the famous Kume design unit to create a unique space with Japanese identity with a series of unique utilities, simulating the quintessence of the land of the rising sun. The highlight is the road to experience the culture of Phu Tang country in the parks and walking streets.

Japanese culture has always been attractive to generations of Vietnamese people, from movies, art, cuisine to lifestyle. Catching up with this trend, the Ocean suites at Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co are designed with minimalist interiors, comfortable in the Japanese style, but enhanced with an extensive, more airy, and optimized “range of visions” overlooking the sea” meeting the needs of high-class resorts.

Exclusive apartments also have additional storage room – kitchen – dining room – entertainment room – spacious balcony. Accompanying the standard of Suite apartments are quality services: door-to-door shuttle service, in-room check-in, diverse utility experiences, and remarkable cuisine.

The Japanese-style Ocean suites at Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co are the only and first in Quy Nhon to be owned for a long time. It can be seen that the projects are located on the golden land bank by the sea, and long-term legal status is scarce. Therefore, investors are completely secured when owning Ocean Suite apartments as a second home and can exploit for rent with the potential of sea tourism business with the most promising profitability. Pioneering investors will follow the trend of the market to look for outstanding profit opportunities in the future.

According to the advantages of the gold position and pioneering role in leading the market, the project is highly appreciated by economic experts for its ability to attract investment and impressive liquidity.

In the future, Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co will expectedly be an experiential tourist destination for young people who love to explore and check in new destinations. A place that gives them joy, energy and keeps many beautiful impressions when discovering 4 “Japanese cities” in the heart of Quy Nhon.

A representative of Danh Khoi Group shared: “One of our most anticipated plans is the launch of Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co. This project is part of the strategy of “exploiting” potential and emerging markets for resort real estate development. This is also an inevitable investment shift trend when these localities still have large land funds, preferential land prices, developmental infrastructure, and tourism exploitation prospects. We believe the project will make a mark on the market and especially bring outstanding profitability to investors.”

The project is launched three blocks in the Sapporo subdivision in the second quarter of 2021 with many attractive incentive programs.





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