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Japanese culture contains outstanding features that many people around the world love. This culture has gently entered the hearts of many generations of Vietnamese through literary works, cuisine, movies, music, interior architecture to business philosophy.

Cultural beauty admired by the world
Japanese culture has thousands of years of history, imbued with national identity, is a harmonious combination between tradition and modernity. From a country heavily damaged by natural disasters and wars, Japan has transformed itself into the world’s leading developed economy, technology, and technology. In terms of cuisine, Japan is famous for its ethereal and pure natural dishes such as sushi and sashimi.
Japan is known as the number 1 attractive tourist destination, ranked in the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world by famous landmarks such as Mount Fuji, tokyo Tower, Kinkaku-Ji Temple, Himeji Castle, Springs. hot Takaragawa, etc. On the other hand, Akihabara electronic city, Asimo robot, or Shinkansen bullet train represents a country with leading science and technology development.
Because of the unique quintessential values, Japanese culture is always prevalent in many countries. In Vietnam, the Japanese lifestyle has become a favorite trend of young people in recent years, especially they often choose Japanese-style living spaces or resorts to enjoy life.
Japanese city by Quy Nhon paradise bay
Inheriting the quintessence of Japanese culture that is loved by Vietnamese tourists, anticipating the Binh Dinh trend to strengthen the Vietnam-Japan cooperation relationship towards a model of exchange and development of culture – tourism – economy. Khoi gradually surveyed the terrain, researched the market, and planned the Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone – which is considered the new development center of Quy Nhon.

Tập đoàn Danh Khôi đưa bản sắc Nhật đến vịnh Quy Nhơn

Danh Khoi Group brings Japanese identity to Quy Nhon Bay

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is divided into 4 subdivisions, inspired by the Japanese city of Sapporo, kyoto, osaka, and tokyo. Danh Khoi Group has cooperated with the famous Japanese design unit Kume Design Asia to create an urban area with landscape architecture bearing the identity of the country of cherry blossoms with a series of unique utilities. In particular, the highlight is the roads to experience Japanese culture in parks, walking routes. Iconic images such as the Torii gate, the Zen garden, the tea ceremony, the carp kite, the lucky cat, the Shibuya intersection, etc.. are all included in the Urban Area as impressive highlights.

Khu đô thị Takashi Ocean Suite Kỳ Co được phát triển theo phong cách Nhật Bản bên vịnh Quy Nhơn

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area is developed in Japanese style by Quy Nhon Bay

According to a representative of Danh Khoi Group, “This urban area is expected to become the new entertainment center of Quy Nhon, visitors coming here will be like traveling to a miniature Japan right by the bay. The urban area is expected to make a mark on the market and especially bring outstanding profitability to investors.”
Experts assess Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co to make the picture of Vietnam’s resort real estate market more vibrant, especially bringing more options for investors with the Ocean Suite apartment product line. The first Japanese-style beach in Quy Nhon.
With the philosophy of natural living and upholding outstanding aesthetic values, it can be seen that Japanese architecture is towards the harmony between man and nature. Generous space, elegant colors, comfortable furniture are inseparable features, bringing sophistication to the house.
Ocean Suite apartments in the Urban Area are designed to be airy and optimally “sea view”, meeting the needs of high-class resorts. The decorative details are gentle but still ensure the aesthetics and create a feeling of relaxation.
Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is a rare urban area that completely carries Japanese identity from landscape, utility, architecture, interior to the current lifestyle in Vietnam. The Japanese imprint spreads throughout the urban area, bringing a lively and different space to those who love the land of Phu Tang.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area coming soon in Quy Nhon Bay

Possessing many outstanding advantages, especially long-term legal ownership and the scarce coastal gold land fund, Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is becoming a hot spot to attract resort real estate investors, offers the potential for stable and highly liquid tourism rental exploitation.
Currently, the project will launch 3 blocks of the Sapporo subdivision with attractive preferential policies, just 139 million VND. Investors can immediately own a beautiful coastal apartment in Quy Nhon.






Tập đoàn Danh Khôi phát triển dự án

With 15 years of operation, Danh Khoi Group currently has a strong financial strength with a team of more than 1,500 experienced employees and 30 member companies; now is oriented to become the leading real estate group in the region with quality products and standard services.