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Possessing many beautiful beaches and synchronous transport infrastructure, Quy Nhon is considered the nucleus of economic promotion for Binh Dinh province, especially in trade, tourism, resort real estate…

Quy Nhon tourism real estate on the rise

The Creator favorably endowed Binh Dinh with 134 km long coastline, Quy Nhon alone occupies 72 km of the most beautiful curves, very convenient for marine tourism development. This potential coastal city is recognized and honored by many prestigious international organizations and media channels in tourism as one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam.
Recently, CNBC (USA) newspaper rated Central Vietnam as one of the top 7 safe tourist destinations after Covid-19, including Quy Nhon. Hong Kong’s SCMP newspaper also mentioned Quy Nhon when suggesting 5 new destinations for foreign tourists to Vietnam.

Đầu năm 2020, kênh truyền hình nổi tiếng thế giới National Geographic của Mỹ cũng đã bình chọn Ghềnh Ráng - Quy Nhơn là 1 trong 5 bãi biển đẹp nhất ở phía Nam của Việt Nam

At the beginning of 2020, the world-famous television channel National Geographic of the US also voted Ghenh Rang – Quy Nhon as one of the 5 most beautiful beaches in the South of Vietnam.

Bangkok Post magazine (Thailand) once praised Quy Nhon’s four precious and rare: Sun (sun), Sand (sand beach), Sea (sea), and Serenity (peace). The Guardian magazine (United Kingdom) also selected Quy Nhon in the top 10 warm destinations to relax in the winter.

Thời báo SCMP (Hong Kong) chấm top 5 điểm đến nhất định phải ghé thăm khi tới Việt Nam

SCMP Times (Hong Kong) rated the top 5 destinations that must be visited when coming to Vietnam

Planned as the southern center of the central key economic region, Binh Dinh is one of the few provinces and cities possessing synchronous transport infrastructure (road, railway, aviation, and waterway). help attract investors to this potential land. In particular, it is proposed to plan the Phu Cat airport to be upgraded to an international airport to have a better position in the master plan for the development of the national airport and airport system in the 2021-2030 period.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co: golden terrain on Phuong Mai peninsula

In 2019, Binh Dinh attracted more than 4.8 million visitors, most of them staying and enjoying in Quy Nhon, because most of the beautiful beaches, resorts, and 37 relics of the province converge in this city. . This advantage has attracted investment in many large-scale resort real estate projects such as Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co, a Japanese-style coastal tourist town. The project was developed by Danh Khoi Group and architectural design by Kume Design Asia, Japan’s leading reputation.

Khu đô thị Takashi Ocean Suite Kỳ Co tại Khu kinh tế Nhơn Hội sắp ra mắt 3 block phân khu Sapporo

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co urban area in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone is about to launch 3 blocks of Sapporo subdivision

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co has an area of 8.3 hectares, owns a prime location in Nhon Hoi Economic Zone on Phuong Mai peninsula – known as the trillion-dollar tourism capital with synchronous transport infrastructure. The golden position of the project can connect to many utilities, very convenient to move to the city center in 30 minutes and Phu Cat airport within 10 minutes by car. Sea view and adjacent to famous tourist areas such as Ky Co – Eo Gio island, Chim island, Scar Island, Trung Luong beach… help Takashi Ocean Suite become the focus of tourism and investment in the future.
Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co is divided into 4 subdivisions inspired by design from 4 famous Japanese cities: the snow city of Sapporo, the ancient city of kyoto, the city of light osaka, and the modern city of tokyo. Besides the unique architecture, the project also owns many Japanese-style facilities such as lantern path, Torii gate, lucky cat symbol, snowy road, Koi fish kite hill, Ninja village, central park … and the 4-season festival attracts tourists all year round.






Tập đoàn Danh Khôi phát triển dự án

With 15 years of operation, Danh Khoi Group currently has a strong financial strength with a team of more than 1,500 experienced employees and 30 member companies; now is oriented to become the leading real estate group in the region with quality products and standard services.